What you always wanted to know about dance

Zum Jahresauftakt 2017 startet die Iwanson-Sixt-Stiftung in Kooperation mit Iwanson International eine neue Veranstaltungsreihe. Unter dem Titel WHAT YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT DANCE sprechen renommierte Referenten über ein Thema das ihnen besonders am Herz liegt. Deshalb heißt der interne Untertitel der Veranstaltung auch: „What you always wanted to TELL about dance“. 

Friday 24. 11. at 13.3o: Karl Alfred Schreiner | choreographer, ballet director of the Gärtnerplatz-Theatre in Munich.

Karl Schreiner will talk about his life as a dancer, choreographer and as a ballet director here in Munich – and of course, he will present the re-opening of the theatre after years of renovation. 

Karl Schreiner studied dance at the Wiener Staatsoper, later he danced at the Opera in Graz. As a choreographer he created many works since 1999, among others at the Opera in Vienna, at the theatre in Klagenfurt, at the Opera in Copenhagen, at the Aalto theatre in Essen and at the Volksoper Wien

Since 2012, Karl Schreiner is artistic director at the Gärtnerplatz Theater in Munich. He created works like ‚Dornröschen‘, ‚Schlagobers‘, ‚Chicago 1930‘ and latest ‚Jean und Antonin‘.

At the Gärtnerplatz Theatre, Karl Schreiner invented a new scenic platform: MINUTEMADE – a never ending row of guesting choreographers, working for only a week with the dancers, always starting with the last steps of the performance before. 



Expected guests 2017/18, dates are not fixed yet:

Bettina Wagner-Bergelt | associate director Bayerisches Staatsballett – from classical repertory to contemporay dance
Max Wagner | Managing Director of the Gasteig Cultural Center - Back stage Gasteig
Arnd Wesemann | Dance Journalist (among others at "tanz") - Dance today
Brigitte von Welser | Art Manger - a review of 50 years of dance in Munich 



Friday 29. 09. at 13.3o:
Philip Taylor | choreographer, former ballet director of the Gärtnerplatz-Theatre
My work with choreographers like Jiri Kylian, Mats Ek, William Forsyth, Ohad Naharin, Hans von Manen and Nacho Duato.

Friday 12. 05.  at 13.3o
Jessica Iwanson | choreographer, founder of Iwanson International in 1974  

Saturday 01. 04.  at 11.oo
Nina Hümpel | artistic director of the Munich DANCE Festival
How to organize an international festival – presentation of the program of 2017

Saturday 25. 03  at 11.oo
Aafke de Jong | choreographer  
Balinese dance and music – between heaven and earth

Saturday 11. 02.  at 11.oo
Nina Hümpel | artisticl director of the Munich DANCE Festival
Dance from Quebec and Montreal | from La La La Human Steps until today

Saturday 14. 01.  at 15.ooWalter Heun | Intendant / artistic director of the TANZQUARTIER WIENHow the dance scene "really" works. International networking, funding, job market, communication and politics